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Clothing + Lounge Wear

Shopping the latest fashion trends and lounge wear


Finding you the latest fitness outfits, equipment and accessories

Home + Kitchen

Aspiration and attainable home & kitchen items to make you feel like you spent a lot more money then you really did.


From commuting to running shoes, to high heels to spin shoes. I wear many during the day & have you covered.


Hats, rings, necklaces. You name it. I've found it on Amazon and I wear it.

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Amazon Addict. Looking at life with a Cart Half Full Attitude.

My package room knows me by name and my boyfriend doesn't agree with my shopping habits.

I love everything from clothing, fitness, makeup, home decor + wine.

Want me to shop for you?

...Not sure what to gift to get for a friend? ...Need a new throw pillow? ...Want new workout clothes for motivation?

Send me a DM on Instagram! I love to hear from you!

Drinks + Cocktails

On the search for the perfect skinny drink & rose gold wine glasses


A beauty junkie myself, I find the best beauty products & tools

New Arrivals

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